Dr. Beckwith’s favorite part of being an orthodontist is seeing that first beautiful/handsome smile after the orthodontic appliances are removed. The kids in the picture above all happened to have gotten their braces off that day. We love to celebrate with you!

Holding the teeth in their finished position is one of the most challenging parts of orthodontic treatment for any office. Here at Mountain View Orthodontics, we routinely utilize both invisible bonded (glued-in) retainers and removable retainers to help maintain the teeth in their new position. We take these extra steps to help ensure that you remain happy with your new smile long into the future.


Maintaining your orthodontic result depends to a great extent on your retainers, so you will want to follow through on the hard work you’ve put in so far! Please wear your removable retainer as directed and follow our recommended care instructions for your bonded retainer(s). Please let our office know if your bonded retainer(s) ever come loose. Remember to take out your removable retainer(s) before brushing, and brush your retainer before placing it back in your mouth.