Early Treatment Examples

Some orthodontic problems are best addressed early. These are some examples of when  our Mountain View Orthodontics team have used early interceptive orthodontic treatment  to achieve superior results.

Our “Smiling Faces” sample books and video presentation in the reception area have hundreds of before and after photographs of patients that we have treated in our office. Don’t be surprised if you see pictures of someone that you know!


Very severe crowding with narrow smile and severe open bite (the front teeth do not overlap the lower as they should to hide the tongue).

Upper front teeth fitting behind the lower front teeth causing receding gum tissue on the lower right front tooth. Note how the receding gum tissue actually improved and how the midlines between the center front teeth now match.



…from a cute smile to a wow smile!



Severe crowding with narrow smile. His posterior crossbite was making his jaw grow crooked. Note the improved smile width from the front and improved chin position from the side. Dr. Beckwith is this young man’s proud father!


Severe crowding and narrow smile also treated without removing teeth. Dr. B is this young ladies’ proud father!



Very severe crowding treated without removing teeth



Severe overbite with upper teeth protruding – two-phase treatment.



Severe crowding with upper teeth fitting inside rather than outside of the lower teeth (anterior and posterior crossbite).



With Dr. Beckwith and Mountain View Orthodontics, she went from a cute crooked smile to being voted the “Most beautiful smile” in her high school yearbook.



Cleft lip and palate with a severe underbite and missing teeth successfully treated without jaw surgery. Regardless of how easy or difficult your orthodontic needs, we can change your smile and help give you the confidence to set out to change the world!