Invisalign Treatment Examples

Invisalign is often a great option for those who do not wish to wear braces. These are some examples of the many orthodontic problems that our Mountain View Orthodontics team have corrected using Invisalign aligners.

Our “Smiling Faces” sample books and video presentation in the reception area have hundreds of before and after photographs of patients that we have treated in our office. Don’t be surprised if you see pictures of someone that you know!

Yes. Invisalign can do this!


…and Invisalign can do this!



Teeth straightened and overbite much improved with Invisalign.



Underbite and crowding corrected with Invisalign.


Deep bite, crowding and lots of tooth wear…Invisalign!


Upper teeth protruding and lower crowding.


Sam Before and After Mountain View Orthodontics Longmont Berthoud CO

The large gaps between the teeth were closed with Invisalign.